Kile's Ace Hardware In Store Services

Screen and Vinyl Repair

Kile's Ace Hardware Screen Repair

We all want to let the fresh air in and keep the Florida bugs out!  Bring in your framed window screens or vinyl windows to have them repaired.  We can replace the screen and spline as well replace any other components, or we can build you a new screen to match your specifications with all new aluminum frame and components.  You can also bring in storm doors or sliding screen doors to have the screen or vinyl replaced.

Lamp Repair

Kile's Ace Hardware

If your favorite lamp has stopped lighting up the room and a new bulb didn't fix it, don't throw it away, bring it to Kile's!  We can re-wire, replace switches, or install all new components to make your lamp bright again!  

Key Cutting

Kile's Ace Hardware Key Cutting

Let a Kile's Ace Hardware associate cut your keys, program your chip key, or replace your key fob for you while you shop!  We can take care of most make and model keys and save you money over having the dealership or a locksmith replace your keys.  We can also cut side cut / sidewinder / laser cut keys for most vehicles.

Sliding Door Rollers

Kile's Ace Hardware Door Roller Replacement

While we stock sliding door wheels for the the do it yourself-er, we also offer a wheel replacement service to get your doors rolling smooth again!

Chain, Rope, & Cable

Kile's Ace Hardware Rope, Chain, and Cable cut by the foot

We have steel and plastic chain, cable of all diameters, and ropes for all occasions that we can cut to length for your application.

Electrical Wire By The Foot

Kile's Ace Hardware electrical wire cut by the foot

If you are performing an install or a re-wire job where you need a custom length of wire, Kile's is the place for you!  We stock all types of wire that is sold by the foot, so you get the length you need, for home, auto, or marine.

Glass and Acrylic Cutting

If your picture frame has a crack or your need acrylic for a home project we will cut to size whatever you need.  Glass and acrylic cut onsite.

Padlock Keying

Kile's Ace Hardware Padlock Keying

If you need padlocks keyed alike, let us help you at Kile's Ace Hardware!

Rug Doctor Rental

Kile's Ace Hardware Rug Doctor carpet cleaning rental

At Kile's we stock Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines for rent.  We also stock the cleaning solutions to help you get the job done right!

Paint Color Matching

At Kile's Ace Hardware we have state of the art scanners to match paint colors to existing paint, or to match other fabrics in the room.  We can also lookup a favorite color you have found elsewhere and mix it for you in ACE Royal, Clark & Kensington, or Valspar.

Hose and Tubing Cut to Size

Kile's Ace Hardware Vinyl Tubing and hose cut to size

We stock many types of clear vinyl hose and different diameter tubing including copper tubing that can be cut to size.  We also stock several sizes of fuel hose if you are replacing a fuel line.

Sharpening Services

Kile's Ace Hardware Sharpening Services

We can sharpen many types of blades, including knives, scissors, trimmers, lawn mower blades, chain saw blades, and more.