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Welcome to Kile's Ace Hardware in Nokomis, FL

Kile's Departments and Products

Lawn & Garden

Lawn and Garden care supplies at Kile's Ace Hardware

Kile's offers all the supplies you need to keep your yard or garden thriving in Florida.  We have wheel barrows out in front of the store, and back in the Lawn & Garden department in the rear of the store you will find grass seed and fertilizer, insect control, pest control, bird seed, hoses and sprinklers, pool supplies, yard tools, and so much more.


Kile's Ace Hardware Plumbing Department

Kile's offers a full line of plumbing supplies including but not limited to supply lines, toilet flappers, PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings, drains, drain cleaners, garbage disposals, copper pipe and fittings, faucets and faucet parts, gaskets, and more.  We know and understand our local clientele and so we also stock a large selection of mobile and modular home components for all your needed repairs and upgrades.

Hand Tools

Kile's Ace Hardware Hand Tools

Kile's carries a broad range of hand tools for all your do it yourself projects.  Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, tape measures, drill bits, hand saws, magnets, sockets, wrenches, and much more.  Many items available in famous and reliable brands such as Craftsman, DeWalt, and Stanley.

Lighting & Electrical

Kile's Ace Hardware Lighting and Electrical Department

Kile's stocks a large selection of lighting supplies including Nebo flashlights and other battery powered lighting.  We also stock both new LED lighting and other technologies of lighting such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and more.  We also stock replacement ballasts, security lighting, outdoor lighting, and more.  Kile's also stocks a full range of electrical supplies including breakers, connectors, wire, outlets, switches, switch plate covers, conduit, and more.

Cleaning Supplies

Kile's Ace Hardware Cleaning Supplies

If cleanliness is next to godliness, Kile's has you covered.  Our cleaning aisle is divided into sections of cleaning specialties such as; glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, outdoor cleaners, leather cleaners and care, stainless steel cleaners, toilet cleaners, wood cleaners and preservers, air fresheners, laundry detergents and fabric softeners, tile and grout cleaner, degreasers, and more.

We also rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaners and offer all the shampoos and cleaners to go with the machines for a deep clean.



Kile's offers automotive cleaning and maintenance supplies to keep your auto clean and running smooth.  From car wash, wheel cleaner, leather cleaner and preserver, glass cleaner, motor oil, transmission fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, to chamois, wash mitts, and lubricants we have you covered.  We have lots of products available on special order as well and with deliveries twice a week, let us know what you need and we will get it in time for your weekend tune up!


Kile's Ace Hardware marine department

Being located on the West coast of Florida we understand your boating needs.  From regular maintenance to safety items and repairs, we have you covered.  Some items include; flares, fiberglass and fiberglass care, lubricants, adhesives, bungees, lighting, fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel balls, filters, and more.  Again if you don't see it in stock just ask and we can get what you need quickly!


Kile's Ace Hardware, hardware department.  Nuts and bolts, screws, rope, chain, anchors

From nuts and bolts to anchors and washers Kile's has you covered.  We offer cut to measure rope, chain, and cable, and all the hard to find hardware for your projects.  Whether you're looking to update your cabinet knobs or simply replace your mailbox, finishing touches can make a big impact on the look and feel of your home. And, Ace Hardware has all the home hardware supplies and advice you need to get the job done.



Kile's Ace Hardware Paint Department

Kile's stocks all the products you need for a successful paint project.  From a whole home paint job to a child's school project we have the supplies to get the job done right.  We have all the prep materials including drop clothes, masking tape, sand paper, and cleaning supplies, as well as paints and stains including a large selection of spray paints.  We carry ACE Royal brand paints as well as Clark & Kensington, Valspar, Kilz, Krylon, Rust-Oleum, and more.  

Pet Supplies & Outdoor

Kile's Ace Hardware Pet Supplies and Outdoor Recreation and Camping Equipment

We have a sections with lots of four legged supplies including treats, harnesses, leashes, and more.  We also have an extensive outdoor recreation selection including camping staples, firewood, and more.  We have access to lots of pet supplies and camping gear, so if you are looking for something we don't have just let us know and we will order it for you!

Door and Window Hardware

Kile's Ace Hardware Window and Door Hardware Department

Kile's supplies all the necessary door and window repair pieces to get your home sealed out from intruders and the elements.  From door handles and deadbolts to rollers, weather stripping, and door closers we have you covered.  We also carry many of the hard to find mobile home and old Florida home pieces such as jalousie window cranks.  Bring your old crank with you and compare it to our display to find the correct replacement.

Building Materials

Kile's Ace Hardware Building Materials

Kile's has what you need for your small building material repairs.  From drywall patches to general small piece lumber and nails, we can fill in what you need.  While we are not a lumber yard and don't carry large amounts of building materials, most of the time we can help you finish off your home project.  With some notice we can always get you larger quantities of what you need and quantity discounts are available.  We do regularly stock many different sized ladders, tarps, concrete and play sand, mortar mix, thinset, and more.

Heating & Cooling

Kile's Ace Hardware Air Filters, Coil Cleaner, Thermostat, HVAC

Kile's has HVAC / Furnace filters, thermostats, programmable thermostats, coil cleaner, portable electric and kerosene heaters and more.  We also stock several window air conditioners, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, and personal and room fans.  If we don't have the right size or model in stock, let us know and we will order it for you!

Home Electronics

Kile's Ace Hardware Electronic Components and Cables

Kile's stocks a large selection of coaxial cable ends and connectors, over the air antennas, HDMI cables, phone cables, and more.  We also have outlet splitters with USB chargers, and CAT 5 cables as well as weather radios, scanners, telephones, alarm clocks and more.


Kile's Ace Hardware housewares department, appliances, iron, coffee maker, blender, iron, ironing

Kile's has a large selection of housewares at competitive prices!  We have coffee makers and accessories, small appliances, pots and pans, kitchen gadgets, canning supplies, irons and ironing boards, adhesive hooks, curtain rods, closet rods, and so much more, take a few minutes to walk the housewares aisles and you will be amazed what you will find without having to drive for miles!


Kile's Ace Hardware Safety Department, hearing protection, eye-wear, dust masks, vests, hard hats

At Kile's Ace Hardware we believe safety is of the utmost importance!  We stock everything you need to keep yourself or your crew safe, from hard hats and safety goggles, to hearing protection, gloves, shoe covers, vests, dust masks, flashlights, flashers, fire extinguishers, smoke and CO2 detectors, pepper spray, fluorescent spray paint, and more.

Power Tools

Kile's Ace Hardware Power Tools, DeWalt, Makita, Dremel, Craftsman, Black & Decker.

At Kile's we carry a selection of the brand name power tools you want.  From Black & Decker, Craftsman, DeWalt, Makita, Dremel and more.  We also carry a broad range of replacement bits, drivers, batteries, blades, and Dremel accessories.  

Storage & Organizing

Kile's Ace Hardware Storage and Organizing Department, Rubbermaid, storage boxes, storage totes

At Kile's Ace Hardware we love to help you stay organized.  We have a wide selection of plastic storage boxes, plastic totes, lockable storage, garbage cans, laundry organizers, kitchen organizers, closet organizers and more.

Farm and Ranch Supply

Kile's Ace Hardware Farm and Ranch supply, pitch forks, manure shovels, rope, fencing

We have the necessities in stock for your farm and ranch needs and we can special order you any of the large items you may need and get them quickly.  From gloves and rope to saddle soap and rope, we can also help you with fencing and pitch forks, we know you shop for supplies that will work as hard as you do!

Grills and Grill Accessories

Kile's Ace Hardware Grill supplies

Kile's stocks many of the grilling accessories you need for your at home BBQ.  From charcoal and lighter fluid to replacement parts and utensils we have you covered.  We have a selection of charcoal and portable gas grills in stock, with many grills available for order.  Check out the online selection by clicking the photo, let us know what you desire and we will get it ordered for you. 

Temporary Attachments

Kile's Ace Hardware Velcro, Bungee Cord, Suction Cups and Magnets

At Kile's we offer a wide range of hard to find magnets, bungee cords, bungee cut to size, Velcro, Velcro cut to size, suction cups and more.  We know how important it is to keep things in place when you want them there and have a clean get away when you are ready!

Glass and Acrylic

Kile's Ace Hardware Glass and Acrylic

From replacing glass in a picture frame to acrylic sheets for projects, we have you covered.  We also stock and can cut to size for you the light diffusers for fluorescent light fixtures.



Kile's has seasonal decorations and lighting to help you celebrate the season.  We have access to many types of specialty decorations, so if you don't see what you are looking for just ask and we will order it for you!


Key cutting at Kile's Ace Hardware

At Kile's we try our best to stock keys for anything that drives, floats, or flies, as well as house keys, mailbox keys, and padlock keys.  We stock replacement key fobs, chip keys, and can even cut the side cut / sidewinder / laser cut keys for most makes and models.